Riders stay with the Water Taxi even without “Via-doom”

WaterTaxi050516_WestSeattle645amThanks to the record number of riders who used our service to avoid driving downtown during the recent one-week closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. We avoided “Via-doom,” in part, because the Water Taxi carried  more than 32,000 riders over the ten days of the viaduct closure, which ended May 8. That compares to about 13,500 riders the week before.

But what’s of equal significance to us is that, having discovered the ease and reliability of the marine option, many of you have stayed with us. A spotcheck of our two busiest routes in the morning and evening commute shows a 20- to 30 percent increase in ongoing ridership, compared to before the closure.

“We’re thankful to everyone who tried our service, and thrilled to see ridership that high,” says Paul Brodeur, director of King County’s Marine Division. “I invite riders to keep taking the Water Taxi for trips to and from downtown.”

The West Seattle route roughly tripled its typical ridership as riders took advantage of additional parking options and regular spring service. The service on that route carried more than 24,000 riders compared to a typical 8,000 riders over the same time period. The single-day peak ridership to and from West Seattle was 3,269 riders on May 2, more than triple the riders compared to the week before.

Vashon route ridership climbed by a total of 900 riders during the 99 closure as riders took advantage of additional round trips. Ridership peaked at 1,100 on May 4 compared to about 900 the week before.

Summer is coming. You enjoyed our alternative to traffic congestion in April and May, we look forward to seeing you back again in June.