Spirit of Kingston will serve Bremerton route for two weeks starting March 19


(The following is a joint news release from King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Transit)

Starting on Monday, March 19, King County’s Spirit of Kingston will provide passenger-only ferry service between Bremerton and Seattle while Kitsap Transit’s Rich Passage 1 is in dry dock for repair work. RP1 is expected to return to service on Monday, April 2.

Under an agreement finalized on Monday, the Spirit will substitute for the RP1 during the two-week period and return on April 2 to its current role as a backup vessel in King County’s fleet. Should King County have an emergent need for its backup vessel during the two-week period, the Spirit will revert to King County for its Water Taxi service.

While the Spirit has capacity for 149 passengers, Kitsap Transit plans to board 118 passengers, the same capacity as the RP1, to minimize any potential for schedule delays or impact to beaches in Rich Passage.

Kitsap Transit’s Marine Services Ambassadors will continue to process fast-ferry passengers in Bremerton and Seattle. Kitsap Transit will have a representative on the Spirit of Kingston during the two-week period to hear from passengers and relay any concerns.


Kitsap Transit does not anticipate any material changes to its fast-ferry schedule. Fast-ferry customers should continue to contact Kitsap Transit’s Customer Service Office with any questions.

During the two weeks the RP1 is at Foss Shipyard in Seattle, all four of the RP1’s engines will be replaced or rebuilt, and the hull will be painted. The repair work is anticipated to cost about $590,000.

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