Construction Update: A Roof over our Heads!

Photo 1

Last week our new Passenger Only Ferry (POF) shelter took another step toward becoming a shelter – contractors began installing the timber roof decking. In addition to providing support to the metal roof above it, this material will function as the shelter’s ceiling. It’s being assembled using the old school “tongue and groove” method, which limits the number of nails and screws. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s going to look great! Getting the roof in place will allow a number of “dry” construction activities to begin, including wall installation, electrical, and mechanical work.

Photo 2

This new facility will not only allow us to better serve our Water Taxi customers – we also know that is better for the environment and marine life.

Last week, our crew and the Washington State Ferries (WSF) environmental team were joined by Dr. Patrick Christie from the University of Washington and his graduate students studying coastal management.

Along with an overview of the Colman Dock project and our new terminal, students heard about the project’s overall environmental process and positive contributions to marine life in Puget Sound.

  1. Timber piles supporting the existing dock were coated with creosote, a hazardous carcinogen made from coal tar. Teams replaced more than a thousand of these timber piles with steel, and installed a cap over any remaining sediments to protect marine life.
  2. Currently, activities such as driving piles send a shock wave through the water that can harm orcas and marbled murrelets. The WSF environmental team set a radius around each species and stations spotters throughout the area when piling driving will occur. If an animal is spotted within that radius, the piling driving stops.

King County Water Taxi’s future Passenger Only Facility is scheduled to open in summer 2019. For more information on the Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock project, visit WSDOT’s website.

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