Will the West Seattle Water Taxi ramp up service in response to the West Seattle Bridge closure?

Today we’re addressing a question we’ve heard from the community as of late: “Will the water taxi ramp up service in response to the West Seattle Bridge closure?”

The water taxi crew would love the opportunity to provide more connections between West Seattle and downtown Seattle while the West Seattle Bridge is closed for the indefinite future.

Doc Maynard travels to West Seattle from downtown Seattle

Currently, we’ve experienced a 90% dip in ridership as people respond to directives from Public Health – Seattle & King County to stay home if possible. For the immediate future, our goal is to maintain our winter sailing schedule and our priority is to deliver that existing service with the limited workforce we have available. Since the West Seattle Bridge closure, our ridership has increased by only a handful of people per sailing, and there is still plenty of room aboard our vessels to exercise social distancing for our riders who must travel.

The upper deck, which can hold approximately one-third of our 278 passenger capacity, has been closed to the public as an additional safety measure. This will provide more space for our crew to transition between the pilot house and the dock to minimize passenger-to-crew interactions, and allows crews to better focus their sanitizing efforts before each commute.

The waterways will always be a key part of keeping people moving, both now and post-coronavirus. We’ve already assembled a task force that is developing various plans to ramp back up and to add service when ridership demand increases.

We will be keeping you and our other riders posted on any updates. Please keep an eye on our Captain’s Blog for the latest.



3 thoughts on “Will the West Seattle Water Taxi ramp up service in response to the West Seattle Bridge closure?

  1. Healthcare workers generally work 12 hour7-7:30 shifts. Most hospitals are on first hill. Can you please consider a boat leaving Seattle at 8pm so we can use the water taxi to get home after work especially as the bridge is out.

  2. As a nurse living on Vashon I strongly second the message from Elizabeth Lenaburg. Without the West Seattle Bridge, healthcare workers will be greatly impacted during our unusual commuting hours. Many of us would be able to utilize the water taxi if the hours were expanded. Many healthcare workers in downtown, first hill, and the U-district drive to work, not because we want to, but because there’s currently no other viable option.

    Please consider adding a water taxi that would allow day and night shift healthcare workers to utilize it.

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