Water Taxi crews showcase season’s latest look


No need to hit the beach or the red carpet to find this summer’s latest look – just hop on a King County Water Taxi vessel.

Today, our crews were spotted sporting new uniforms featuring our new branding. We unveiled the sleek look in April, when it graced the outside of our vessels and West Seattle shuttle buses.

Now, the Water Taxi’s three-part logo – a product of our talented graphic designer – is splashed head to toe on our crew members.

The reviews have yet to come back from Paris and Milan, but riders on this morning’s routes seemed to dig the new uniforms. What do you think?





One thought on “Water Taxi crews showcase season’s latest look

  1. Glad to see the attention to the service and the new logo and colors. It’s just my opinion, but the uniforms look like police uniforms. I’m surprised they’re dark; I would have assumed they’d be lighter and higher vis for safety and easy identification as crew from passenger would have been selected. Overall, good to see the fresh branding and signage everywhere.

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