Water Taxi to remain in service July 22-28 – Planned closure to be rescheduled!

In order to make sure our contractor can complete all projects needed to open the new Water Taxi facility, we are going to remain in service July 22-28 and the planned closure will be rescheduled in the very near future.

Providing safe and secure service is important and the new POF has improved security, ADA compliance, and can offer covered protection from the elements for up to 500 passengers. As King County Metro worked with the contractor on finalizing projects, it became clear some might need extra time. Rather than potentially opening without those services, we are giving the contractor more time to finish projects that are necessary for operating a safe and secure facility.

We apologize for the change in plans and will inform customers about the new service suspension date as soon as possible. To stay up-to-date on our progress, sign up for service alerts on our website.

2 thoughts on “Water Taxi to remain in service July 22-28 – Planned closure to be rescheduled!

  1. How about you prepare the new facility while it’s empty right now? Why suspend service at all? Especially in the middle of summer tourist season, very dumb idea.

  2. We are definitely aware that suspending service will be a disruption for riders, but it is necessary to shut down service for a week to move the gangway and hook up the necessary utilities to the new float. Additionally, equipment must be moved, ORCA readers installed, and other systems put in place. Unfortunately that does mean the Water Taxi (and Kitsap Fast Ferry) will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience to our riders and look forward to having the new facility operational very soon. Thanks!

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