Pride 2021: Metro joins the community in celebrating LGBTQIA+

We’re showing our Pride this month in many ways, all across Metro and King County.

General Manager Terry White recently joined Metro’s LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group to raise the Pride Progress Flag at Ryerson Base in Seattle. Across Metro’s worksites, the Metro family raised the Pride Progress Flag in our shared commitment to create a beloved community where our LGBTQIA+ employees and customers feel cared for, respected, valued, and supported.

“We remain committed to creating affirming and safe learning and work environments. Spaces where everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ and gender non-conforming know they are cared for, respected, valued, and supported,” White said.

We also have updated our Ride with Pride bus and are proudly delivering service and supporting our community. When you see coach 8068 out and about, take a picture and share it! You can’t miss this beautiful bus. #Pride

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