King County recognizes Doc Maynard crew for saving capsized boaters

When the crew of the Water Taxi Doc Maynard saw people in the water just off Duwamish Head on August 11, they acted quickly, placing a crewman in a safety suit and in the water to rescue the two people whose sailboat had capsized.

Today, King County Executive Dow Constantine and the King County Council officially recognized the efforts of Doc Maynard Captain Brad Johnson and deckhands GW Rogers and Jay White. The ceremony occurred at the Seacrest Dock, where the vessel brought the two boaters to safety.

The crew of the Doc Maynard Water Taxi are recognized at the Seacrest Dock in West Seattle on Aug. 23, 2021, for helping two sailers whose boat capsized near the mouth of the Duwamish on Aug 11, 2021. (l-r King County Council Vice Chair Joe McDermott, Deckhand GW Rogers, Captain Brad Johnson, Deckhand Jay White, King County Executive Dow Constantine)

Executive Constantine and County Council Vice Chair Joe McDermott presented the recognition to the crew of the Doc Maynard. The certificate reads, “King County appreciates the Marine Division’s professionalism, commitment to training, and dedication to safety, both of their passengers and of the vessels that join them in Elliott Bay.”

“The crews of our water taxis are guided by a responsibility not only to passengers on their vessels, but to other community members, too,” said Michelle Allison, Metro’s Deputy General Manager. “Their heroic actions off Duwamish Head saved the lives of two people and are a reflection of the professionalism they show every day.”  

Thank you to Captain Johnson, deckhands Rogers and White, and the crew of the M/V Doc Maynard for your work in safely transporting riders every day, and for your awareness and bravery in protecting and assisting people on the water! 

2 thoughts on “King County recognizes Doc Maynard crew for saving capsized boaters

  1. I was with them,
    when they rescued another kayaker who was not wearing the proper gear for Elliot Bay water.
    Great job crew.

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