Heads up! Alaskan Way changes mean Water Taxi passengers will need to take extra precaution near Pier 52

A King County Water Taxi sign greets passers-by of the service's temporary facility at Pier 52

Attention King County Water Taxi riders: You’re going to want to be extra careful when leaving or approaching our location along the Seattle waterfront.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 15, the Washington State Department of Transportation will shift Alaskan Way from under the Alaskan Way Viaduct west, toward the waterfront.

That means there will be two lanes northbound and two lanes southbound from Union Street all the way to South Jackson Street, including the area directly in front of Colman Dock and the Water Taxi’s temporary facility at Pier 52,

The switch – which is part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct program – means commuters on foot and bicycle will notice these changes:

  • Pedestrians walking to or from the ferry should watch for increased traffic in front of the passenger-only terminal.
  • People on bicycles must be vigilant to watch for road traffic at all intersections.
  • All current crosswalks and traffic signals remain in place at Marion Street, Yesler Way (egress from Colman only, no access to the toll plaza), and South Jackson Street.
  • Most of the parking currently in place in front of the active Waterfront will be removed in order to make way for the four-lane traffic switch. However, crews will restore many of these spaces under the viaduct this month.

WSDOT says moving traffic to the west is being done to prepare for the viaduct’s upcoming closure and demolition work in early 2019.

For more information, visit the project website.

2 thoughts on “Heads up! Alaskan Way changes mean Water Taxi passengers will need to take extra precaution near Pier 52

  1. I am requesting that you you consider adding more water taxi sailings from West Seattle when the viaduct is closed prior to opening the Hwy 99 tunnel. This would offer an very helpful alternative for West Seattle residents who commute or attend downtown events. Thank you for considering my my request.

  2. Dear Sandy,

    Thank you for the comment. King County Water Taxi, along with our transportation partners, are working together to give residents travel options during the upcoming Viaduct/SR 99 closure. In the Water Taxi’s case, vessels on our West Seattle route will depart every 20 minutes during commute periods during the closure. For more information on Water Taxi connections to Seacrest Dock and other options to help plan your commute during the closure, please visit https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/programs-projects/transit-corridors-parking-and-facilities/sr99-closure.aspx#watertaxi.

    Thank you for riding the King County Water Taxi.

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