Safe sailing in winter: protecting passengers and vessels

Winter can be a challenging season for those who travel on the water.

Winter storms and higher tides can bring additional floating debris to the surface of the water that would normally be onshore, making it a challenge to navigate.

For passengers on both the West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxi that means an occasional choppy and slower ride. Our vessel crews are focused on the safety of our passengers, the vessels they’re riding on and the environment we are part of.

All of our Water Taxis are equipped with radar that give the captain the ability to detect larger objects; however, it can be difficult to detect smaller floating debris when the water is choppy.

Even with the best of equipment, when there’s a lot of debris in the water, captains on both of our Water Taxi runs, Vashon and West Seattle, reduce speed to protect passengers and the vessel.  

We thank everyone riding with us for their patience as we travel through the waterways that make our region so special. It may take a little longer, but we’ll safely get you where you want to go!

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