Keeping boats afloat: two Water Taxi stories

As we celebrate Transit Appreciation Week and Transit Operator Appreciation Day, the King County Water Taxi wants to recognize two members of our team who work to ensure that our riders have a smooth sail from dock to dock.

Captain Dan, King County’s ‘First Mariner’

Captain Dan Krehbiel has been with us from the start, hired as the Marine Division’s first Captain back in 2009.

At that time, Dan (or Captain Dan as most of us call him) was the only Captain working on the Water Taxi. Captain Dan quickly united with his crew to order supplies needed to start service, conducted training, prepared mooring lines, docks, and boarding ramps, and began operating the Vashon Island Water Taxi in October 2009.

Since then, Dan has continued to be one of Marine’s most reliable Captains, contributing to the Water Taxis’ outstanding on-time and reliable performance.

When the division stopped leasing vessels, and decided to build its own, Dan played a critical role, advising shipbuilders what navigational, and passenger friendly features would be most beneficial to the Water Taxi operation, its passengers, and crew members.

Today, in addition to being a Captain on both the West Seattle and Vashon Island routes, Dan continues to provide valuable input to division leadership. He has played a critical role in training other captains and deckhands for over a decade and has been a key player to the success of the Water Taxi.

Thank you, Captain Dan!

Kennedy Menendez, teaming up to help riders

In the maritime world, people look out for each other. Kennedy Menendez leaped in to help riders wanting to get home.

Earlier this year, Washington State Ferries had to cancel a late-night run to Bremerton. But a crew from Kitsap Fast Ferries volunteered to make a run if Metro could keep Pier 50 open and running. Kennedy Menendez, a member of our Water Taxi crew rushed to the pier at 10 p.m. and got the boat loaded with 87 stranded Bremerton riders. A win for all!

Dan Krehbiel and Kennedy Menendez are just two of the King County Water Taxi staff who are on the water every day, providing service to West Seattle and Vashon. You see captains and crew, but our team also includes staff you don’t see, maintenance teams that keep the vessels in service, from repairs to safety concerns. Our Information Agents at the Pier 50 passenger ferry facility that is always there to answer any questions and the administrative staff. They all have one goal in mind, your safety and comfort from shore to shore.

Do you have a member of the Water Taxi crew you want to thank during Transit Appreciation Week? Use the hashtag #ThanksMetro and give them a shout-out on social media! Visit our Transit Appreciation Page to learn more.  

Interested in joining Captain Dan and Kennedy and become part of the Water Taxi team? Visit “Start your Metro career” to explore well-paying positions with full benefits and a pension in maritime positions, transit operations, trades, rail operations, customer information and countless other fields. 

One thought on “Keeping boats afloat: two Water Taxi stories

  1. Great to see King County Water Taxi pitch in and help Kitsap Transit serve Bremerton riders as WSF continues to struggle in that department. Kudos to Kennedy!

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