Construction update: Final deck slab is in place!

A picture of the deck of the future Passenger Only Ferry (POF) facility for the King County Water Taxi after the final deck was put into place late September.It has been all hands on deck throughout construction of our future home on the Seattle waterfront – now we’re happy to report that all of the deck is in place!

Construction on King County Water Taxi’s future home reached another milestone last week when crews installed the final deck slab that will support our future, weather-protected Passenger Only Ferry (POF) facility.

Crews have worked since July to install the 42 deck slabs, which differ slightly in size and shape. Most measure between 3 feet and 6 feet in width, and 20 feet to 40 feet in length. Crews used a crane to set them in place.

The deck area of our facility measures approximately 10,000 square feet in size.

Now that the final panel is in place, crews will work to weld rebar and pour concrete to connect the slabs together. They are also attaching utility hangers underneath the deck.

To learn more about King County Water Taxi’s future POF facility – scheduled to open in summer 2019 – along with the larger Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock project, visit the WSDOT’s project page.

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