MV Spirit of Kingston gets repowered

The Spirit of Kingston near Pier 50. Picture taken in 2016.By Paul Brodeur, Marine Division Director

The Marine Division’s back-up water taxi vessel, the MV Spirit of Kingston, will be going into a planned, five-week maintenance period beginning Sunday, March 12th

The 12-year-old, aluminum-hulled catamaran will have new propulsion engines installed, replacing the current, worn out machinery.

The new diesel engines will meet the latest EPA Tier 3 requirements. Translation: the new-and-improved engines are much more environmentally friendly. We anticipate exhaust emissions will be reduced by 22 percent and particulates by 45 percent with this improvement. Also, fuel consumption is projected to decrease by 7 percent.

This upgrade is being partially funded with a federal grant. In addition to providing these great environmental benefits, the new engines will prepare the vessel for the next 10 years of reliable water taxi service.

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