West Seattle midday service canceled May 16-19

Scheduled repairs to the Seacrest Dock in West Seattle will close the dock during the mid-day sailing hours between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm from through Thursday May 19.  The 9:10 departure from West Seattle will be the last run of the morning and the 3:25 Seattle departure will be the first of the afternoon. Should work complete early, notification regarding service resumption will follow.

During this time, Water Taxi shuttle routes 773 and 775 will continue to operate as usual in West Seattle. While Water Taxi service is suspended, riders are encouraged to use one or more of the following options:


  • Metro’s RapidRide C Line and routes 21, 55, 56, 57, 120 & 125 connect West Seattle to downtown Seattle – close to the Pier 50 passenger only facility located at Alaskan Way and Columbia Street.
  • Route 128 connects the Admiral District, Morgan Junction, High Point, Delridge, South Seattle College and White Center areas with the West Seattle
  • Water Taxi shuttle routes 773 & 775 will continue to operate their regular routes and schedules during this time, connecting West Seattle riders to the West Seattle Junction and Alki Beach via Harbor Avenue, Alki Avenue and North Admiral.

Link light rail

  • Metro Route 50 connects West Seattle – including North Delridge, the Alaska Junction, the Admiral District and Alki Beach to Link light rail at SODO


Visit Metro’s online regional Puget Sound Trip Planner or call the Customer Information Office on weekdays at 206-553-3000 to plan transit trips.

Text your stop ID to 62550 for the next scheduled or estimated departure times of transit service at your stop.

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